STREGO… does this strange figure really exist?

My Grandfather once asked me… “Lo sai come si chiama il marito della Strega?”“Lo Stregone!”“No. Lo Stregone è quello che uccide persone e Streghe. Il marito della Strega è lo Strego!” “The Strego (HE-WITCH) is the husband of the Strega (WITCH).” my grandfather said.When I was a child, I wondered if that word really existed.Strego.IContinua a leggere “STREGO… does this strange figure really exist?”

SACRED AND PROFANE: a Sloth as Spirit Animal!

I’ve always thought I have a strong connection with a particular animal: the Sloth.I like this animal that people usually associate to laziness…Why am I talking about this?Because my sister gave me a soft toy of a Sloth and this reminded me of the Spirit Animals of the Shamanic tradition. Starting from this, I beganContinua a leggere “SACRED AND PROFANE: a Sloth as Spirit Animal!”

AZATHOTH: H.P. Lovecraft and Astronomy

Nobody can doubt the importance of an author as H. P. Lovecraft for the horror literary scene. He created a world made of incommensurable horrors, the most terrifying coming from the deep and outer space. Beyond the divinities trapped in our dimension (and their monstrous priest Cthulhu), which are stuck in the abysses of theContinua a leggere “AZATHOTH: H.P. Lovecraft and Astronomy”

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