I’m Alice! I’m a writer in my spare time and an avid reader of any kind of book.

It's me!
Alice Colombo

In this site I’d like to share with you my passion for writing and, particularly, subjects such as mystery and terror, which are by far my favorutite.

I began writing very short stories, about ancient beings and humans facing each other, until I wrote my first novel: “A Coffe for the End of the World“.

The thing I like the most is to explore the conscious and unconscious side of human nature, where dreams and reality can overlap. Who could ever say what is real anymore?

Why did I choose such a name for my site?

Because I think a good and warm coffee is the right accompaniment for a Horror menu.

I’m sorry but my English is not so good; if you find some errors in my books, please contact me!

I’ll correct them and you’ll see your name in the “Thanks” page of the book,

or, maybe, you’ll prefer to be one of the character of a horror story!

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