THE BLOB (1988)

Today I’m going to talk about one of the best movie remakes of all times.

The Blob is a horror movie directed by Chuck Russell and based on the 1958 The Blob, with Steve McQueen.

The plot is simple, but, sometimes, simplicity is the best choice you can take to tell a good story.

A meteorite crushes in the woods near a small town named Arborville, California. The fluid it contains is a strange living being which infects instantly a poor homeless.

The substance needs to feed and what’s better than human flesh? A couple of students on their first date and the “bad boy”.
Needless to say, the substance begins to dissolve and to absorbe every human being it finds on its way.
The popular girl, Meg, and the bad boy, Brian, are the only ones who understand what’s going on, but nobody believes them (a classic!). In the diner they realize that the substance fears the cold… here is our Chekhov’s gun!

But first, Brian has to learn from Dr. Meddows that the fluid, the Blob, is the result of a biological experiment conducted during the Cold War: it was too dangerous, so they thought it was a good idea to launch it into space.

The Blob is out of control and eats people all around the town, becoming bigger and bigger.

In the middle of the crisis, Reverend Meeker finds the frozen pieces of the Blob on the diner floor and he decides to keep them, just in case…

In the end, after a good dose of battle (against the Blob and some governative agents), Meg and Brian use a snowmaker to freeze the Blob and then they store it in the town ice house.

The icing on the cake: Reverend Meeker, with his living pieces of the Blob in a glass jar, founds a doomsday cult!

As I said, this is one of the best remakes ever!
The direction is definitely good and the script balance horror and humor, without going too far from the original movie. But the 1988 movie puts more emphasis on the gruesome side of the story.

The special effects are the real pièce de résistence: some of the best practical effects I’ve ever seen! Even the HD version of the movie doesn’t affect their quality. The sight of the pink amoebe-like creature that dissolves people is quite scary!

As regards the funny side, there’s one thing that makes me laugh still today: the “bad boy” Brian (Kevin Dillon) is far from being a true thug… and I still have to understand why he has a so bad reputation in town, given that he helps a lot of people during the whole movie.
I really appreciated the role of Meg (Shawnee Smith), the popular girl: she is smart and determined, the real hero of the film!
At first she seemed the classic damsel to save, but, as the story goes on, we realize that she is anything but a passive pretty face: she fights the Blob, rescues her brother and shoots the snowmaker saving Bob and freezing the creature.

In conclusion, The Blob is a well written movie with some amazing practical effects.
It aged pretty well and became a cult among the horror fans.

It’s worth seeing!

by Alice Colombo

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