This is a cult… a real cult! Stephen King himself recommended it to everyone: I’m talking about The Evil Dead, originally released as Book of the Dead in 1981. This is Sam Raimi’s debut movie: based on a 1978 short film (Within the Woods), The Evil Dead is a low-budget movie, meant to be anContinua a leggere “THE EVIL DEAD”


This is one of my favorite movies… I saw it recently and I said to myself “I must write about it! This is an absolute masterpiece of horror.”Because it can be included in the category SO BAD IT’S SO GOOD. And this is really good! Re-Animator is a 1985 Sci-Fi Horror movie directed by StuartContinua a leggere “RE-ANIMATOR”


Today I speak about one of the best-known talismans of the Western World.Since ancient times, the Horseshoe is used as amulet against demons and evil spirits. Accordingly, this simple object takes on the meaning of powerful lucky charm and positive energies catalyst. According to other sources, the Horseshoe shape recalls the female genital and, ifContinua a leggere “The HORSESHOE”

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