One symbol leads to another…In my last post regarding the Mirror symbology, I mentioned Pythagoras and the legend of his mirror with which he could reflect anything he wrote upon it on the surface of the celestial body.The Moon is closely connected to the Mirror because it is an immense reflecting surface too; there isContinua a leggere “The MOON”


The Evil Queen: “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) The Mirror, as every surface that returns an image, has always had a strong symbolic meaning in the history of humanity.Closely connected with magic and esotericism since ancient times, in Ancient Egypt itContinua a leggere “The MIRROR”

STREGO… does this strange figure really exist?

My Grandfather once asked me… “Lo sai come si chiama il marito della Strega?”“Lo Stregone!”“No. Lo Stregone è quello che uccide persone e Streghe. Il marito della Strega è lo Strego!” “The Strego (HE-WITCH) is the husband of the Strega (WITCH).” my grandfather said.When I was a child, I wondered if that word really existed.Strego.IContinua a leggere “STREGO… does this strange figure really exist?”

SACRED AND PROFANE: a Sloth as Spirit Animal!

I’ve always thought I have a strong connection with a particular animal: the Sloth.I like this animal that people usually associate to laziness…Why am I talking about this?Because my sister gave me a soft toy of a Sloth and this reminded me of the Spirit Animals of the Shamanic tradition. Starting from this, I beganContinua a leggere “SACRED AND PROFANE: a Sloth as Spirit Animal!”

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