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THE BLOB (1988)

Today I’m going to talk about one of the best movie remakes of all times. The Blob is a horror movie directed by Chuck Russell and based on the 1958 The Blob, with Steve McQueen. The plot is simple, but, sometimes, simplicity is the best choice you can take to tell a good story. AContinua a leggere “THE BLOB (1988)”


Who amongst the horror fans hasn’t tried to pronounce this word five times in front of a mirror?We all tried, I know. This is a real classic of horror cinema, not to be missed! Candyman is a 1992 supernatural horror movie written and directed by Bernard Rose. It is based on Clive Barker’s short storyContinua a leggere “CANDYMAN”


This is a cult… a real cult! Stephen King himself recommended it to everyone: I’m talking about The Evil Dead, originally released as Book of the Dead in 1981. This is Sam Raimi’s debut movie: based on a 1978 short film (Within the Woods), The Evil Dead is a low-budget movie, meant to be anContinua a leggere “THE EVIL DEAD”


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